The Introduction.

Well here you are, you’ve landed on our little blog. I’m sure you’re wondering… “Who are you? and What have you come to write about?”.  All of your questions are about to be answered. First of all we are two 8th grade girls. We believe that after two years of Middle School we’ve learned enough to guide moms, dads, new middle schoolers, and just students searching for help.

On our home page you’ll find 7 tabs, home (not important, moving on.) Contact, We would like you to use contact to either email us your questions or to ask for advice, don’t use your real name and make sure to clearly state your question/problem. This brings us to our next tab, the help column. We will use the help column to answer your questions/give you advice, if you’ve sent an email expect a typed up response in about 3 days. Then we have the how to survive tab, in this tab we will give you pointers on how to make your school years bearable. Next up we have the how to thrive tab, in this tab we will teach you how to make those educational years of your life incredible. Last but certainly not least, we have the stories tab, this tab will feature personal experiences from the bloggers.

Well that’s all we hope that we have captured your interest and you will stick around. Thank you for reading.










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