Survival Tip #1: Deoderant

Yes I’m sure you’ve already heard how important wearing deodorant is, you may not have payed much attention to your gym teacher or your mom but well you please pay attention to me, your fellow middle schooler? I think the only way to properly show you how important it is to wear deodorant is to give you a scenario.

Imagine this, it’s the first day of middle school you walk into your period one Social Studies only to find you know no one in that class. You scan the room hoping to find a familiar face to sit by, luckily you notice a class mate you talked briefly to at orientation. They look up at you and smile so you decide you should take a seat next to them. As you walk closer their smile suddenly changes into a frown.

“Oh my gosh! What is that smell?” They say in disgust.

Horror crosses your face as you realize the smell they’re referring to is in fact coming from your armpits.

“Um I-I don’t know.” You stutter

Your hesitation gives away the answer. You feel humiliated and your face starts to turn red. All of this could have been avoided if that morning well you were getting ready you had just put on some deodorant. You may think that this scenario is over exaggerated but it’s not. I watched it go down my 1st period English class between a boy who we’ll call Gerald and another who we’ll call Peter. Though they sat next to each other the first month of school they never became friends and after two years they still haven’t spoken a word to each other.

Now that I’ve stressed the importance of deodorant allow me to give you one more piece of advice. If you are a boy DO NOT WEAR OLD SPICE! There is nothing more revolting than having a locker next to someone who is covered in “Old Spice Wild Collection Re-Fresh Body Spray, Wolf-thorn.” (Yes I asked.) This boy wore so much that you could smell him coming down the hall. He would re apply his spray once a day, and let me tell you it was the worst scent I think I have ever smelled, worse that B.O., worse than a trash can, worse than the food they served at lunch!

And with that last tip our blog has come to a close, smell good and avoid embarrassment, wear deodorant, good bye for now!

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