Story Time: The First Friend I Made

Going into middle school is nerve racking. For most your going to a new school with many new people. One of your biggest concerns is likely making friends, I know that was defiantly one of mine. In this story I’ll be telling you about how I made my first friend.

It was the first day of school, period one I would have advisory or study hall in Mr. Stacks room. After asking several teachers where to find this classroom I finally stumbled on room 177 in the middle team center. My heart raced as I walked through the door, I surveyed the tables trying to decide where to sit. On the left side I saw my brother and his friends laughing, did I want to sit there? No. On he right I saw a boy who I mentioned I’m Surviving tip #1: deodorant, Gerald, did I want to sit my Gerald and his friends? No. Finally in the middle was a table with a short blonde girl who looked pretty friendly. I decided to sit at that table. Though we would become friends later she was not my first friend. As the minute bell rang another girl walked in, she had long brown hair and glasses. Just by looking at her you could see how truly confident she was. She walked directly to the table I was sitting at, pulled out the chair in front of me, and sat.

“Do you want to be my friend?” She said staring directly at me.

“Um…sure?” I hesitated. Her question caught me off gaurd but I did really want to be friends with her. We ended up talking for the rest of the period and to this day we still talk, and that is how I made my first friend.

I think a great tip for when you want to make friends is to just be confident or at least make it seem like you’re confident. Alright that’s all thanks for reading!

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