Thriving tip #2: pop culture references

In school you’ll often find people talking about various pop culture things, whether it be singers, reality tv, popular shows, etc.. Keeping up with pop culture is very helpful it will allow you to join in on interesting conversations and meet new people. If you don’t keep up with popular things you may find yourself being left out or confused well your fellow classmates chat.

Let me give you an example of what could happen if you are not all caught up. Imagine you’re in study hall and the teacher has allowed you to talk, your table starts talking about the last season of the bachelor, you have never watched the bachelor because you just haven’t felt like it. You try to join in and say some things so you’re part of the conversation but as their talk continues you start to become more and more confused you can’t keep up so you decide to just read your book. You hear your classmates laugh at the references and you start to wish you had just watched that stupid show.

It seems silly but with all of the free time we have these days watching a few episodes of a show or scrolling through a celebrity’s instagram is very doable. Keep up with pop culture so you can contribute to converstations.

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