Story time: music

Ok so in 6th grade Science our amazing teacher would let us listen to music on our chrome books. I really like music so of course I would take advantage of this privalage. I remember one day I was listening to music will working on my homework. I was really focused on the homework therefore not focused on anything else. After about 15 minutes I finish the assignment I take out my headphones and start getting up as I’m walking over to hand in my paper I notice how many people are staring at me in confusion. I get back to my desk, I had assumed that everyone was staring because I was standing and walking and all that but even once I sat down people were still looking. I turned to my desk partner and ask him why everyone staring. He has this really confused look on his face like I should know and he says I’m a really low voice

“You’ve been singing through the whole work time.”

I was sooo embarrassed. He point of this story is to tell you always pay attention! Zoning out never goes well.

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